The redesign of Argentina’s La Nación

This week La Nación staff agreed to a final decision, thus completing the newspaper’s full redesign. Here is the official announcement.

Their team of designers embarked on the redesign (remake?) earlier this year and has made many substantial changes to the newspaper: most of them have been major, while some have amounted to nothing more than minor adjustments.

Highlights (see images above):

  • Switch to a tabloid format, consisting of three main parts: Main, Sports, and Entertainment.
  • The letters to the editor will be complemented with user feedback left on their website and/or through social media platforms.
  • Use of tags and sleek fonts to separate journalism genres and differentiate hard news (investigative reporting) from soft news (editorial, interviews). 
  • Visual revamping will also be reflected on its weekly magazine, the themed supplements, cultural gazette, and a brand new Saturday edition.

FJP: La Nación is Argentina’s main conservative newspaper, with a daily circulation of 160,000. They have been around for 142 years now.

Images: Nuevo Diseño, by La Nación. Select to embiggen.