Cuba beyond Havana: a reading list

Here is a worth-sharing hand-picked selection of five longform journalism pieces on Cuban daily life beyond Havana. Good mix, take a look.

Via The Electric Typewriter:

On Tipping in Cuba by Chris Turner - A writer discovers the uncomfortable socio-macroeconomics of the cheap beach vacation

In Purusit of the Wild Cohiba by Ginger Strand and James Wallenstein - The world’s best cigars straight from the source.

Recruiting for the Big Parade by Terry Southern - ”How I signed Up for $250 a Day for the Big Parade Through Havana Bla Bla Bla and Wound Up Working for the CIA in Guatemala.”

The Happiest Man in Cuba by Rebecca Barry - How the U.S. blockade has made Cuba a trainspotter’s paradise.

Hitchhiker’s Cuba by Dave Eggers - Getting to know Cuba by picking up strangers from the side of the road.

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