Video: Chilean journalism school entices potential students

The Journalism School at Universidad Alberto Hurtado has produced this video (in Spanish) to attract potential students for their 2013 class, featuring faculty members, current students, and UAH alumni weighing in with short professional insights on journalism as a career (and as a calling, perhaps?). 

So, we picked and transcribed a few of the provided insights. It goes like this: 


..lets us to know who really is in charge of the government and what they think. the only way to unveil the truth.

..because knowing the truth is still important, and it is our mission to go out and find it. unmask the powerful, the child molesters, the criminals.

..and give a voice to the victims of any abuse.

..because good journalism is good for the country. tell society what kind of digital info is worth trusting and relying on.

..universities must ensure that high quality journalism prevails.

..and we won’t disappear, because when journalism dies, someone will still be needed to deliver the bad news.

FJP: Compelling, huh? What would you add?